Topic outline

  • Preparation

    To get prepared please install the following tools and helpers:

    Github Repos needed

    Training Slides

    Set helpful aliases and bash / zsh completion

    Please set these aliases in your .bash_profile or .zshrc file:

    alias k="kubectl"
    alias kx="kubectx"
    alias kn="kubens"
    alias kgp="kubectl get pods"
    alias kgel="k get events --sort-by=.metadata.creationTimestamp"
    # for zsh users
    [[ /usr/local/bin/kubectl ]] && source <(kubectl completion zsh)
    # for bash users

    #source <(kubectl completion bash)
    # run this once
    #kubectl completion bash | sed -e 's/kubectl/k/g' >> ~/.kubectl-short-completion.bash
    source ~/.kubectl-short-completion.bash

    • Rancher Access

      Registered Students by Instructor-led trainings can login to the Rancher environment via the following URL:
      The credentials will be sent via email a day before the training.