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  • About OpenEBS

    OpenEBS is the leading open-source project for container-attached and container-native storage on Kubernetes. OpenEBS adopts Container Attached Storage (CAS) approach, where each workload is provided with a dedicated storage controller. OpenEBS implements granular storage policies and isolation that enable users to optimize storage for each specific workload. OpenEBS runs in user space and does not have any Linux kernel module dependencies. See OpenEBS Features & Benefits and Use cases and enjoy reading the great documentation site.

    • Deploy OpenEBS on Kubernetes

      If you're running our multipass k3s implementation on your local machine, please run the following script from the root directory of multipass-k3s-rancher repo:

      ./ # needs multipass

      The script deploys OpenEBS Operator v 1.10.0 by enabling iscasid on the nodes and defines the openebs-hostpath as the default StorageClass. The installation takes about a minute or two, you should get something similar to this:

      deployment "maya-apiserver" successfully rolled out patched patched
      • Deploy Nginx with OpenEBS Persistent Volume

        Form the root directory of the multipass k3s repo run:

        • Enjoy the power of Cloud Native Storage with OpenEBS!

          Now go on and delete the nginx deployment, reboot node2 and deploy nginx again, ist index.html lost? ;-)

          • Deploy Apache Kafka with OpenEBS

            Coming soon, very soon :-)